Hashtag Challenge: #YourVerticalWorldDid you know smartphone...

Hashtag Challenge: #YourVerticalWorld

Did you know smartphone users hold their phones vertically about 94 percent of the time? (source: Movr Mobile Overview Report). As the way content is consumed changes, from the horizontal screens of a desktop or laptop computer, to the vertically designed screen of a mobile device, storytelling also has to adapt. With this in mind, this challenge is about Your Shot photographers sharing their world vertically using the tag #YourVerticalWorld.

Be thoughtful when composing your vertically framed images. What feeling are you trying to convey? Where should a viewer focus their gaze? For example, a wide landscape might look great on a desktop, but it may get cropped when looking at it from a mobile phone. The same landscape might have tall trees, and a vertically composed shot could emphasize a tree’s grand scale to a viewer. Just like our Best of the World assignment in 2015, the orientation of an image is very important depending on the medium — in that case, a vertical magazine cover.

This is also your chance to be featured on National Geographic’s Snapchat Discover channel. Our content on Snapchat can only be consumed on a phone — so #YourVerticalWorld is key. This challenge is about Your Shot photographers sharing their world vertically. Our Editor’s Favorites will be featured on National Geographic’s Snapchat Discover page, where our Snapchat audience will have a chance to vote on their favorite. The winner will then be featured on our account. To view the selected images you must download Snapchat and subscribe to our Discover page. if your photo is voted as the winner, I’ll let you know?

Can’t wait to see what you’ll show us!

-Christina Shorter, Community Manager

Photographs by Volodymyr Burdiak,  Wynston Cooper,  Ian Plant, Sharon D. Lutz, Tori-Shea-Ostberg, andDima Chatrov  
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